Our Products

Frogville Farm products are exclusively sourced from plants thriving off the sun and soil of our property in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.



We currently offer full profile flowers and pre-rolls. All our products are lab tested for purity, pesticides, molds, and cannabinoid content.

Our pre-rolls are made with 100% premium flower, no shake or trim, which make these a really “good wrap”. The Clean Green status guarantees our plants are grown in compliance with an intensive certification program and are carefully monitored to prevent harmful residue. The perfect product for environmentally conscious consumers who want to reduce waste (no more foul-tasting, throw away, half-smoked joints!) while enjoying the benefits of high quality cannabis.


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We wrap our premium flower in unbleached, tree-free hemp bio-organic rolling papers. 

High quality all the way!


12 Mini Pre-rolls in a recyclable container fits comfortably in your pocket, backpack, or purse. Handy and discreet.

When a little is just enough!

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NEW! DOG WALKERS are here! 

With three mini joints in a small, discreet case, Dog Walkers are perfect for a breezy walk with you guessed it...your dog!

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No dog? You will still enjoy the convenience of these quick take-a-longs to enhance your well-being.  

Treat yourself!